Recommended Reading

Want more information on cultural studies? Below we recommend further reading on SST, study abroad programs and cross cultural experiences.

“I asked her if she believed you could ever truly understand another culture. I told her the longer I stayed, the more asinine the attempt seemed, and that what I’d become more interested in is how we believed we could be objective in any way at all, we who each came in with our own personal definitions of kindness, strength, masculinity, femininity, God, civilization, right and wrong…We’re always, in everything we do in this world, limited by subjectivity. But our perspective can have an enormous wingspan, if we give it the freedom to unfurl.” –Lily King, Euphoria

SST Publications

  1. Students Abroad, Strangers at Home: Education for a Global Society by Norman Kauffmann, Judith Martin, Henry D. Weaver and Judy Weaver
  2. The Whole World Guide to Cultural Learning by Daniel J. Hess
  3. The Impact of Study Abroad on Personal Development in College Students by Norman Kauffman


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